A Unique Way of Escaping Street Harassment | Animated Story (VTuber/NIJISANJI Moments) (Eng Sub)

Warabeda Meiji and college-student Otogibara Era are on their way to the hotel they're staying at when they're approached by strangers...

Tired of their persistence, the girls choose to deploy a certain countermeasure...

PUCHISANJI is a Japanese animated cartoon series taken from moments of various members within the NIJISANJI VTuber community! Enjoy these short story videos with high-quality English subs!

Official hashtag » #PUCHISANJI

◆Featured Livers
Era Otogibara - 御伽原江良
Twitter: @OtogibaraEra
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQ9Uv-m8xkE5PzRc7Bqx3Q?sub_confirmation=1

Meiji Warabeda - 童田明治
Twitter: @warabeda_meiji
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCveZ9Ic1VtcXbsyaBgxPMvg?sub_confirmation=1

◆Original Video

Lyon (@DeabanNero)

J (@Jeichan_V)

◆Video Editing
Hisyu (@hisyu12)
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