Minecraft Shenanigans with Hoshikawa Sara & Kaida Haru Part 2 (VTuber/NIJISANJI Moments) (Eng Sub)

Hoshikawa Sara and Kaida Haru play Minecraft again and continue their shenanigans. Watch the two bicker and banter hilariously as Hoshikawa continues to be a brat while Kaida exasperatedly plays along!

Short and easy to watch, NIJIClips are some of the best captured moments from our NIJISANJI members Live streams!
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Sara Hoshikawa - 星川サラ
Twitter: @Sara_Hoshikawa
Original Video:

Haru Kaida - 甲斐田晴
Twitter: @Kaida_Haru
Original Video:

Neko Mikuri (@nekondeimasu)

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