Ars Almal and Sasaki Saku Minecraft Encounter | Animated Story (VTuber/NIJISANJI Moments) (Eng Sub)

While playing Minecraft at an odd hour, Ars Almal notices Sasaki Saku is also online.
Prompted by her viewers, she sends Sasaki an enticing message in chat.
This leads a delighted Sasaki to respond in turn.
What a wholesome exchange! Or, so we thought...

PUCHISANJI is a Japanese animated cartoon series taken from moments of various members within the NIJISANJI VTuber community! Enjoy these short story videos with high-quality English subs!

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◆Featured Livers
Saku Sasaki - 笹木咲
Twitter: @saku_sasaki

Ars Almal - アルス・アルマル
Twitter: @ars_almal

Original Video:

ストーブ @meziro_bot

◆Translation/Video Editing
Hisyu (@hisyu12)

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