【Storytime】 Legatus 505 【NIJISANJI EN | Fulgur Ovid】

Come join me for a dark and twisted story time. Legatus is here, and who's to say he has a heart?

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Thumbnail: https://twitter.com/kaku_skl
Model Art: https://twitter.com/ramdayo1122
Overlay by https://twitter.com/eilsellels
Intro and outro art: https://twitter.com/NushiChin
Music BGM Composed by https://soundcloud.com/theonepix
Fulgur Ovid Logo by: https://twitter.com/OrihimeVT
Middle Finger Asset: https://twitter.com/jinxiannie
Book Arm Asset: https://twitter.com/KamiWW15
Sheep asset: https://twitter.com/Puppermint_Bark


ᚩ. Fulgur Ovid is a fictional character. He is not here to become your parasocial friend or influence your world view. Treat me as a form of entertainment and nothing more. If you can't do that, then don't bother showing up.
Ⅰ. Be respectful to all chat members and me, regardless of whether or not we are shits.
Ⅱ. Don't mention other livers unless I mention them first. You're here for me. Not for them. Similarly don't bring me up in their streams unless they do first. Don't want to make them feel inferior.
Ⅲ. Don't spam random crap, troll me or others in the chat or discuss hot topics. I hate that store... until they sponsor me.
Ⅳ. I might ask you to backseat once in a while. If I do, then get right in there. If I don't, then prepare to be ignored and muted if you don't shut up.
Ⅴ. Be as horny as you like towards me and any fictional characters but DO NOT be thirsty or disrespectful to any other livers present or members of the chat.
Ⅵ. Feel free to speak any language you want in the stream but follow all other chat rules no matter what language it's in. Be respectful to others using another language. We're all friends here, right?
Ⅶ. Keep the emote spam to a minimum. Using emotes in a message is no problem but I don't want emotes to take up a whole chat section. Try to only make emotes the entirety of your message if I ask for it or if a big event happens like a rainbow supa. Even then only spam the emotes 3 times at most yourself to let the chat return to it's witty interactive self.



【Uki Violeta】

【Alban Knox】

【Sonny Brisko】

【Yugo Asuma】


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