【Yakuza 0】 The Sheep of Dojima 【NIJISANJI EN | Fulgur Ovid】

My first ever time playing Yakuza 0! I am so ready to take to the streets of Kamurocho and make them fear my name!

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ᚩ. Fulgur Ovid is a fictional character. He is not here to become your parasocial friend or influence your world view. Treat me as a form of entertainment and nothing more. If you can't do that, then don't bother showing up.
Ⅰ. Be respectful to all chat members and me.
Ⅱ. Don't mention other livers' streams or compare our style/streams. Similarly don't bring me up in their streams unless they do first.
Ⅲ. Don't spam, troll me or others in the chat or discuss hot topics/politics.
Ⅳ. Don't backseat unless I've expressly asked for it.
Ⅴ. Be as horny as you like towards me and any fictional characters but DO NOT be thirsty or disrespectful to any other livers present or members of the chat.
Ⅵ. Feel free to speak any language you want in the stream but follow all other chat rules no matter what language it's in. Be respectful to others using another language.
Ⅶ. No Emote spam. Emotes should only make up part of a comment's text. The only exception to this is pre/post chat and big moments like rainbow supa or if I ask for an emote in chat. Even then only send 3 messages in a row of pure emotes.
Ⅷ. Do not send Superchats or Donations asking for me to say a specific thing. I don't want you wasting your money and I won't do it.
Ⅸ. No mentioning sub-counts or viewer numbers unless I already brought up the topic.



【Uki Violeta】

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【Yugo Asuma】


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