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I had a chance to sing a Japanese nursery rhyme “Sakura Sakura“🌸at the relaunched Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM, where you can experience rich Japanese culture! The special content are only available at the Wood Art Theater 2F "I" under the platform‼, try it for yourself today! #PR

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▼Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM
▼Japan Cultural Expo
Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM has been launched. This platform combines “real” experiences at physical venues and “virtual” experiences through online digital content, promoting these within Japan and beyond.
Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM allows everyone to experience its art exhibitions, performing arts, nature, and art festivals in the virtual world, utilizing video, VR, and images.
While connecting the physical projects of the Japan Cultural Expo online, content is posted in English and Japanese, building an interactive virtual space that is accessible from everywhere. The content includes exhibitions of cultural properties from the Jomon period (13,000 – 500 BC), Buddhist statues and other forms of sculpture, ukiyoe woodblock prints, kōgei (Japanese art crafts), kimono, contemporary art, fashion, manga, and anime. There is also a showcase of the traditional performing arts of kabuki, noh, kyogen, and bunraku, as well as contemporary performing arts, art festivals, Ainu culture, and various hands-on projects for cultural properties
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